Saint Michael’s Sword Mission Statement

Saint Michael’s Sword Mission Statement

The Saint Michael Sword program aims to oppose the mainstreaming of Satanism into our American culture. It carries out this goal through private prayer to Saint Michael; through public and peaceful prayer rallies, and by public witness campaigns against Satanism in society. It also organizes online awareness campaigns, which draw attention to the growth of satanic and occult activities in society, showing Americans of good will how to effectively oppose Lucifer and his followers.

Saint Michael’s Sword exists to fight Satan’s deceit wherever he works. When elementary schools start Satan Clubs and distribute Satanic coloring books, we tell the nation. When Satanists attempt to place statues of Baphomet in public buildings and parks, we rally the virtuous. When Hollywood presents films and television shows with Satanic themes, we make sure that people know about it. When Black Masses take place, we protest and pray.

Invitation to Join

We ask you to join us in this critical work.

Saint Michael’s Sword Mission Statement

We make four requests. First, and most importantly, we ask you to pray diligently that God will send us and those we meet the graces to defeat Satan. Second, we urge you to protect yourself. You can do this by carrying a Saint Michael’s Medal, praying the Chaplet of Saint Michael daily, and reciting the short Prayer to Saint Michael whenever evil confronts you. Third, we beg you to inform us when you see or hear about Satanic activities taking place in your area.

Our last request is a small monthly contribution. Web sites and direct mail are effective, but they are not free. Your donation helps us spread the word to you and other concerned Saint Michael’s Sword-bearers.

In return, we promise you our daily prayers. Further, you will receive the joy and comfort that comes from being on God’s side in the most critical battle of our times. You can share in the victories and trials of the Church Militant. Additionally, you will gladden the guardian angels who protect you and your family from disaster and steer you away from temptation.

We will also send you a beautiful screen saver that will remind you of your participation in the battle against Satan. For your protection, you will receive the Saint Michael’s Chaplet and instructions so you can add this powerful prayer to your other spiritual weapons.

Our Lord and Our Lady will thank you.

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