Is There Still a Place in the Family for the Lost Art of Storytelling?

One major challenge of the post-modern family is to compete with technology for entertainment during family gatherings. We commonly see family and friends glued to their electronic devices.  Psychologists have even come up with a term to label the practice. It is called this phubbing or phone snubbing. It means to snub others next to … Read more

A Fake Robot Baby for Lonely People

Technology has undeniably made communication more accessible than ever before. With a few keystrokes, one can message people in Timbuktu from the safety of one’s room. Despite this facility to connect, people are lonelier than ever. Nearly eight percent of the American population, for example, is diagnosed with clinical depression. Thus, suicides, particularly among young … Read more

Is Digital Technology Helping or Harming?

Is Digital Technology Helping or Harming?

Can digital technology change the way we think? Can it influence our moral judgments? These questions have ignited a great debate about the proper use of technology in our lives. Many are now pointing out some of the negative effects that have emerged as usage becomes universal. American author Nicholas Carr posits that the effect … Read more

Can Your “Online Brain” Make You Lose Your Mind?

The Internet is the favorite obsession of the modern age. It does not respect age, social condition, sex, or any other criteria. Users range from those who barely know how to use e-mail to some who live their entire lives in the online world. Sometimes, raising any concern about Internet use causes others to treat … Read more

Who Hasn’t Experienced the Frustrations of Technology?

As we pulled away from the terminal getting ready for takeoff, the plane stopped fifty feet away. There we waited inexplicably for about a half hour before the pilot came on the speaker. He reported that the ground crew had pulled us away from the terminal but forgotten to free the steering mechanism of the … Read more

Can Intelligent People Serve God and Smartphone?

Can Intelligent People Serve God and Smartphone?

It is common to hear that electronic devices are ruining lives. Headlines like CNN’s, “Americans Devote More Than Ten Hours a Day to Screen Time and Growing,” abound. As a result, many Americans are becoming lazy and less creative because they spend too much time staring at small screens. The truth of this conclusion is … Read more

Why Kansas Parents Want Computers out of the Classroom

Everyone wants better schools. Advocates of computers in the classroom have long held out the promise of supercharging the learning process. The right computer program, they argue, could provide continual stimulation to the fast learners and help slower student focus on basic skills in math, reading and writing. Free Book: Return to Order: From a … Read more

How Tech Addiction Is Ruining Our Lives

Technology dominates the daily life of most Americans. The Pew Research Center reports that 89% of adults have access to the Internet, 77% have access to smartphones, and 69% use social media. Among teenagers, 95% have access to smartphones, and 45% are almost constantly online. Most will argue that people cannot afford to live without … Read more

Why Happy People Don’t Commit Suicide

The Declaration of Independence enshrined the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. By this right, we think we may freely live the life that makes us happy, as long as it is not illegal or violates the rights of others. Many have the illusion that we can achieve perfect happiness on earth. They also think … Read more

Christmas Gifts That Will Help Your Children Get to Heaven

For those agonizing over what to buy this Christmas for their toddlers, the wait may be over. A panel of experts has just weighed in with suggestions targeting young children in the digital age. What do the experts say? Do they recommend a family-friendly video game that might be good fun and improve motor skills … Read more