Do Virtue and Culture Clash?

Can a Devout Christian Enjoy a Chocolate Éclair? Modern culture presents explosions of pleasures and delights as a supreme goal for all those who want to enjoy life to its fullest. People insist upon the best foods, drinks, accommodations and entertainment. This pursuit of happiness becomes the meaning and purpose of countless lives. With such … Read more

Hurricane Harvey Efforts Reveal an America to Be Proud Of

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It sometimes takes a disaster to bring out the good in people. The massive Hurricane Harvey that hit the Texas coast on August 26 was one such case. The outpouring of help for and rescue of the storm’s victims revealed one of the best aspects of the American soul. ABC News reports on this with … Read more

How the Middle Ages Inspired This American to Build a Castle

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No discussion about the healthy state of the American imagination would be complete without talking about castles. Americans love castles and everything associated with them. In nearly every locale across the country, there are those who dream beyond the classic mansion or manor and build the medieval castle of their dreams. Such dream castles are … Read more

How Order Can Lead Us to Know God

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There are those who do not understand the urgent need for order since they see it merely as an arbitrary organizing of affairs. To them, order is an artificial system that may get things done but is hardly an essential need. Given the fact that modern systems, especially big government, have caused so much harm, … Read more