Worse than Machines: Amazon’s Secret Abuse of its Workers

Worse Than Machines: Amazon’s Secret Abuse of its Workers

The giant retailer Amazon represents the cutting edge of a materialistic consumer society. It changed the marketplace by facilitating the quest for ever greater, faster and cheaper gratification. The desire for “always more” instead of better often leads to consumer frustration and stress, not happiness. However, Amazon also is changing the workplace. What happens on … Read more

When Rioters Turn Upon Their Own: See Jeff Bezos’ Guillotine

The most terrifying time during revolutions is when revolutionaries turn upon their own. It is a sign that the movement is radicalizing, creating insecurity in which no one feels safe. Even the most faithful servants of liberal causes suddenly find themselves targeted, despite having conceded, facilitated and supported those who work to overthrow the establishment.  … Read more

Defeating Good Omens Shows that Protest Work

There will be no second season any time soon for the highly popular television series Good Omens. The reason cited for the suspension is a Return to Order petition against the series. The cancellation shows that protest work. No matter how popular a series is, it can be defeated if enough people let their voices … Read more

Earth-Worship Coming to a Parish Near You

The latest in Lenten devotions may not mention sin, penance or personal sanctification. A disturbing trend among liberal Catholics is taking a turn toward a form of earth worship. The emphasis of this program is not Catholic or even Christian. There is little mention of God’s love, redemption, or protection for humanity. Unfortunately, some Catholics … Read more

The Mouse that Roared and Defeated Walmart

Everyone is taught to believe that gigantic retailers are the most efficient distributers of goods to the general public. Small stores may be able to fill tiny niches. They may be quaint and picturesque. However, only the gigantic retailers have the capital and economy of scale to offer everyday lower prices and variety to the … Read more