We Need Americans with Grit and Who Get the Job Done

We Need Americans with Grit and Who Get the Job Done

Amid the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a glimmer of honor appeared on the horizon. A group of American veterans helped evacuate fellow Americans and faithful Afghans left behind to face the Taliban. These Americans, many of them former members of Special Forces, arranged to send people out of the country. After the fall of Kabul, … Read more

Rage: The New Standard for Public Discourse?

There is an effort to get Americans to hate fellow Americans. We see this unfolding before our eyes as violence is destroying the once-stable American order. The situation is hard to understand because we are all Americans. This identity, which we hold sacred, is what has always defined and unified us, despite our differences. Free … Read more

Involve All Americans in the Fight Against the Coronavirus!

When the coronavirus crisis first erupted, many private companies naturally stepped up to the plate. They saw the needs of communities and addressed them—many times free of charge. U-Haul, for example, saw the plight of stranded college students and offered them free storage place when their schools shut down. Other companies voluntarily provided sick leave … Read more