Why Are Catholic Theologians Trying to Free an Elephant?

Normally Catholic theologians would be studying theology, but one group thinks that freeing an elephant from the zoo is a moral imperative.1 Free the Elephant! A group of five Catholic theologians made common cause with the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) over the “solitary confinement” of a 50-year-old Asian elephant named Happy who resides at the … Read more

Can Rivers, Rice and Orangutans have ‘Personhood Rights?’

The classic philosophical definition of a person is “an individual substance of a rational nature.” A person possesses a center point of being, autonomy and self-sufficiency, which irrational beings do not have. To be a person, one must have a nature capable of self-consciousness, self-possession and self-control. Definitions like this have long dominated the philosophical … Read more

Five Reasons Why Eating Meat is Good and Virtuous

According to Business Insider, governments are weighing the idea of taxing meat just as alcohol and tobacco products are taxed. This new “sin” tax would turn the routine task of eating meat into a vice that endangers the planet. Indeed, a recent UN report found that the human food system accounts for 37% of all … Read more