What is the Solution to Today’s Dramatic Rise in Anxiety?

What is the Solution to Today’s Dramatic Rise in Anxiety?

Anxiety levels have increased drastically in recent times. Recent surveys indicate that 27 percent of respondents displayed anxiety disorder symptoms, up from eight percent reported in 2019. Youth are especially affected by this disorder. Sufferers experience nervousness, an impending sense of danger or panic, rapid heart rates, quickened breathing, perspiration and lack of focus. Reports … Read more

The Tragedy of “Irreversible Neurological Damage with Distance Learning”

“With lockdowns and distance learning, we have forced children into online addiction.” Neurologist Rosanna Chifari Negri raises the alarm in an article published by the Daily Compass: “The phenomenon of the online brain affects the frontal lobe, the seat of decision-making and strategy, which becomes atrophic and loses neurons irreversibly. The thinning of the cortex … Read more

How To Stop Social Media FOMO From Terrorizing You

Imagine that you come home on Sunday evening after a weekend trip. There is a message on your home telephone. You hear the voice of a good friend who lives in another state. The friend explains that he is unexpectedly in your town on business. He would like to buy you dinner at one of … Read more