The Next Goal of the Pro-Death Lobby—Physician-Assisted Suicide

On April 8, 2021, New Mexico joined eight other states and the District of Columbia in making it legal for doctors to kill their patients. Of course, the politicians and their media allies would not be so blunt. The Associated Press signaled their approval in glowing language. “Dignity in dying — making the clear-eyed choice … Read more

A Battle Plan for Defeating the Secularist State Religion

The left’s worldview—secularism—is a religion. Secularists treat the state like Christians treat God. This contention is a primary point of an excellent new book, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholicby Austin Ruse. The author sets the stage by showing how Catholics are under constant attack. The secularists believe that they have … Read more

How the Revival of Catholic Architecture in England Changed the Way People Prayed

How the Revival of Catholic Architecture in England Changed the Way People Prayed

In the good times when people had faith, churches were the most beautiful and elevated buildings in cities. Churches provided an environment conducive to prayer when people raised their minds to God. One example among thousands is how religious architecture marked Catholicism in nineteenth-century England when Catholics were a minority. During the early centuries of … Read more

Faithful Resistance to Pope Francis’s Call for Civil Union Laws

Catholics have long extended the benefit of the doubt to Pope Francis when he frequently veers off the path of orthodoxy. With his latest statement regarding same-sex civil unions, there are no benefits in entertaining doubts. Many Catholics sense something is terribly wrong. “What we have to create is a civil union law,” says the … Read more

Three Reasons Why Catholics Cannot Support the BLM Revolution

An editorial in The New York Times by Elizabeth Bruenig titled “Racism Makes a Liar of God” presents a sentimental yet stinging indictment of Catholics who reject the present anti-racist activism. She cannot understand why these generally conservative Catholics cannot bring themselves to pronounce the three explosive words: Black Lives Matter. The editorial calls upon … Read more

We Must Not be Silent As Our Churches Are Vandalized

An ominous silence surrounds the attacks on Catholic churches nationwide. The violence takes the form of arson, vandalism and statue smashing. Catholics see satanic symbols, obscenities and graffiti sprayed upon statues and church buildings. The silence takes the form of complicity with the attackers on one hand or a failure to react proportionally on the … Read more

Restoration of Order at Queen of Peace after Fire Bombing

Parishioners of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, Florida, were met with a disturbing scene as they arrived for Mass on the morning of Saturday, July 11, 2020. Police cars blocked the entrance, and the parking lot was chock full of fire trucks with flashing lights. Their beloved church was the target for an … Read more

Why Young People Are Attracted to the Sublime

Liberal writers have trouble explaining the attraction of young people for religion, especially in its more traditional forms. This attraction is not supposed to happen. It short circuits the logic of their exhausted narratives. Young people should be drawn to revolutionary narratives that preach division and equality. History, liberals say, is a succession of power … Read more

The Men of Notre Dame Request a Porn Filter: Three Reasons for Concern

At first glance, it seems to be a very positive initiative on the part of those at the University of Notre Dame. Over one thousand male students, faculty and staff have signed a petition asking that “the University implement a filter to make pornography inaccessible on the Notre Dame Wi-Fi networks.” Finally, some sanity seems to … Read more