These Rules Made George Washington a Great Man


When we think of America, we are tempted to suppose that our country was a break with the traditions of the past, and that manners and ceremony were cast aside. Yet, courtesy was nothing strange to George Washington, the “Father of His Country.” At age 16, George Washington copied out these 110 rules for morals … Read more

Why the West is in Crisis and What Can Be Done

“Modern history,” Lord Acton once said, “tells how the last four hundred years have modified the medieval conditions of life and thought.” His sweeping generalization describes the modern-day plight of making sense out of the mess that separates us from Christendom. I can think of no better way out of this mess than to have … Read more

When 500 Types of Pasta Are Not Good Enough

Paging through the food section of The Wall Street Journal, I was enchanted by an illustrated article about American chefs who are now offering a world of pasta to discerning customers. The adventure takes people beyond spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni and other familiar pasta dishes and introduces readers to the rich variations that reflect amazing regional … Read more

The Suicide of the West: A Tale of Two Miracles

Return to Order The Suicide of the West: A Tale of Two Miracles 4

“There is no God in this book.” Thus reads the provocative first sentence of Jonah Goldberg’s latest release, The Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy. This declaration is perhaps an unintended summary of the book about the crisis in the West. From it, … Read more

Doing Business Differently: A Free Market Fable

Return to Order Local Production Also Involves Relationships 2

A review of Nothing is Free: The Price Only Business Leaders Can Pay to Protect Free Markets by Dave Geenens (Atchison, Kans.: Inhance Press, 2013). * * * Modern economics tends to reduce what happens in business to numbers and formulas. The human element is taken out, and all is left dry and lifeless. It … Read more

My “Return to Order” Dinner

Return to Order My “Return to Order” Dinner

As the author of the book, Return to Order, I am constantly looking for examples of organic solutions for today’s complicated problems. It is one way I can practically illustrate so many of the ideas found in the book. I look for spontaneous expressions of culture that are often destroyed by today’s mass standardization. I … Read more

The Middle Ages: An Explosion of Freedom, Creativity and Progress

Return to Order The Middle Ages: An Explosion of Freedom, Creativity and Progress 2

The Middle Ages, inappropriately called “Dark Ages,” was one of the times of greatest technological development, artistic and institutional creativity in history. This is the opinion of  Prof. João Luís César das Neves, Chair of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Catholic University in Lisbon, Portugal. Christendom, he explained, … Read more

How Did Law Come to Subvert Order?

Return to Order How Did Law Come to Subvert Order? 2

In the book, Return to Order, there is a description of a legal order that came from Christendom. This order was tied to a higher natural law found in God’s law and to which all, rulers and ruled, were subject. This legal order, based on morality, favored order in society and prevented the unleashing of … Read more