Which Flag Will You Be Flying on July 4th?

As the Fourth of July approaches, Americans are faced with a troubling question: Which flag will you be flying this holiday? The day should serve as an occasion for the nation to unite around its national symbol. Americans have always celebrated with patriotic displays of the stars and stripes of all sizes. This year is … Read more

The Forgotten Infrastructure Projects of 2021

President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan is encountering major obstacles as many legislators find questionable items in the bill that have no link with improving public works. This spending spree goes beyond the media-friendly projects like replacing bridges and lead pipes. It includes disguised pork in the form of senior care aid, hospital bailouts and … Read more

This Is a Balanced Position on Tariffs and Protectionism

The trade war has ignited debate on the merits of tariffs and the need to protect the nation’s manufacturing base. Battle lines are drawn between an exaggerated localism that stresses self-sufficiency and a bloated globalism where products transit the Earth unhindered and markets alone rule. Those who adhere to a concept of self-sufficiency and protectionism … Read more

Return to Order: ‘Not Just Another Conservative Book’

Return to Order Return to Order: ‘Not Just Another Conservative Book’

I began to read Mr. Horvat’s treatise expecting to find just another conservative book, this one from a Roman Catholic perspective. Return to Order is all of that, but it is much, much more. Mr. Horvat’s central thesis is that the current American economic and moral crisis is caused by “frenetic intemperance,” an obsessive desire … Read more

The Memo I Wish They Would Release

Return to Order The Memo I Wish They Would Release 1

The controversy on the Nunes Memo is raging. Amid the claims and counter-claims, most Americans really don’t know what is happening. I am sure most look at the headlines (those that still look at them) and shrug their shoulders. It is simply too hard to make sense out of anything—emails, text messages, Russians, FBI agents … Read more

When Government Does Good Things Poorly

Return to Order When Government Does Good Things Poorly 1

It is no secret that middle-class Americans are angry at the government and the general state of things. The so-called anti-establishment candidates appear to be channeling that rage to their camps. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. It is a raw undefined rage that is based … Read more