Are You Spiritually Prepared for Nuclear War?

Are You Spiritually Prepared for Nuclear War?

The winds of war are blowing as the conflict in Ukraine threatens to expand to include all of Europe and even America. There is much talk of nuclear war—at no time since the 1962 Cuban Crisis has the possibility of such an outbreak been so likely. America could be attacked by nuclear weapons soon. From … Read more

The Second Seal of Confession

The seal of Confession is a marvel of the Church’s pastoral care of souls. It is the promise on the part of the priest never to reveal the contents of a confession. Sinners are thus reassured that the secrets of their iniquities are forever sealed before God. They leave the confessional forgiven and at peace. … Read more

If I Die, I’m Going to Hell

As the coronavirus spreads across the nation, officials are taking measures to ensure the health of the body. Sadly, the health of souls is brutally neglected. A recent message on Twitter brings home just how shocking the situation has become. One woman wrote: Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic … Read more

How the Catholic Faith Strengthens Police on the Beat

It is politically correct to criticize institutions that do not follow the left’s agenda. While the media are sympathetic to so-called oppressed people and movements, they have a deep antipathy for the police forces who restrain violence and disorder. Thus, violent crime against police is happening everywhere. However, the increase in anti-police violence in the … Read more