Why the Dangers of a Constitutional Convention Cannot Be Dismissed

The national political scene has reached an impasse. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, are at loggerheads and cannot get things done. The constitutional structures in place act as stop devices that keep the two sides in check. Neither side feels comfortable inside this legal straitjacket. When people can’t get what they want by working … Read more

The Left’s New War on the Constitution Threatens the Nation

The Left’s New War on the Constitution Threatens the Nation

For decades, the American Constitution has been both an obstacle and an aid to those who promote the liberal agenda. True to its relativist ethos, today’s left has not particular attachment to the Constitution. When the document can be interpreted to the left’s advantage, its activists are enthusiastic defenders of constitutional rights. When the right … Read more

Supreme Court Chooses Shame in Profanity Cheerleader Case

A seemingly insignificant incident made the headlines that should fill us all with shame. The Supreme Court overwhelmingly ruled in favor of a former cheerleader punished by her high school for a profanity-laced Snapchat post criticizing an official decision. The 8-1 decision was celebrated as a triumph of First Amendment freedom. Because the post was … Read more