A Fearsome Tool for Those Fighting The 1619 Project

If future American historians look for a perfect symbol of the academic madness of the present times, they will point to The 1619 Project. It springs from an educational establishment that has abandoned truth and objectivity. Mainstream media and its culture have embraced the project’s art of propaganda. Some liberal state departments of education, local … Read more

Are Parents Losing Their Children to the “Whole Child” Deception?

The world of education is replete with buzzwords – those terms or pithy phrases that sound optimistic but often mask a dark reality. One of them is “whole child,” and another is a more technical-sounding  “Social-Emotional Learning,” which means the same thing. “Whole child” programs promote children’s mental health. The programs share two common factors. … Read more

Why Mothers Now Weep for Their Children

From an economic point of view, the state of the nation could not be better we are told. Unemployment is down to levels rarely seen before. Inflation is minimal. The stock market has reached record highs. Everything is in place for us to be happy. However, I am sure many join me in sensing that … Read more