Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is Possible and Happening in America

American parents and communities are increasingly rejecting “Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Two representative cases are stunning examples of this rejection. In the Rockwood School District in Missouri, administrators tried to sweep CRT under the rug. In the Carroll Independent School District in Texas, voters openly rejected it. Both reactions resemble the recent rejection of the late … Read more

Can You Trust Online Psychiatric Care and Moral Advice?

Can Artificial Intelligence create a genuine sense of wellbeing? Several companies believe the answer is yes. These firms are building systems that seek to use technology to provide personalized psychological care and advice. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where … Read more

Satanic Bias: Closed Churches and Open Strip Clubs

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, real leaders should help establish the seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless, in many places, they are failing miserably.  Their misguided decisions provide ammunition for corona-skeptics to question unfairly applied restrictions and fuel conspiracy theories about hidden agendas. In many jurisdictions, COVID pandemic measures appear to be biased against … Read more

Why the Great Depression of 2020 Will Be Different

They are already calling the current pandemic-induced economic crisis, “The Great Depression of 2020.” The paradigm is, of course, the Great Depression of 1929 that substantially changed the world’s model of development, signaling the onset of State intervention in the economy (the welfare state). Analysts are also calling it “The Great Jump Backwards,” because it … Read more

The Stunning Triumph of Thomas Hobbes in the COVID Crisis

People used to face challenges and risks to obtain higher goals in life. They understood that there were goods higher than material success and even life itself. Such goals included great deeds, artistic expressions and personal sanctity. Such accomplishments brought honor, glory and salvation upon those who made great efforts. The present COVID crisis highlights … Read more

The COVID Crisis Has Turned Society Into a Tower of Babel

There is something almost biblical about the present chaos and confusion. It defies a secular explanation or narrative by its immense scope. Not so long ago, we were one people, and yet now we are fragmented into a thousand pieces. It is hard to grasp. This shattering has been a long time coming. Over the … Read more

How the Family Crisis Makes the COVID Pandemic Worse

Had the family kept its natural and traditional structure, the COVID-19 crisis’s impact would have been entirely different. The pandemic would have caused less harm in absolute terms. Infection and mortality rates would also have decreased. This is the conclusion of a new scientific study titled “Coronavirus and Demographics in Spain.” The work was published … Read more

Eco Guru Outlines Post-COVID-19 Green Nightmare

Statements by the French ecological leader Nicolas Hulot to the leftist Parisian daily Le Monde confirm that radical ecologists are positioning themselves to profit from the economic and social crisis caused by COVID-19. Those unfamiliar with French politics may not know Hulot. However, opinion polls show him to be the public figure who enjoys the highest … Read more

How the Liberals Became COVID Doomsayers

Until recently, being a doomsayer was a conservative privilege. Conservatives are the ones who uphold a Christian moral code and thus feel entitled to denounce its very real neglect. They have always been accused of seeing divine punishment on the horizon. Liberals generally ridiculed their warnings. However, the coronavirus crisis has changed the script. Along … Read more