The President Jumps Into the Critical Race Theory Battle

The conflict over teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America’s schools – both public and parochial – is rising. At the heart of this clash are three versions of the history of racism in the United States. The Catholic View David G. Bonagura nicely expresses the Catholic vision in a recent article in The Catholic … Read more

Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is Possible and Happening in America

American parents and communities are increasingly rejecting “Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Two representative cases are stunning examples of this rejection. In the Rockwood School District in Missouri, administrators tried to sweep CRT under the rug. In the Carroll Independent School District in Texas, voters openly rejected it. Both reactions resemble the recent rejection of the late … Read more

Six Reasons Why Catholics Must Oppose Critical Race Theory

A political theory stands behind the racial unrest shaking the nation. It employs expressions like “systemic racism” to describe the nation’s attitude toward racial relationships. The theory is called Critical Race Theory (CRT). It has long incubated in leftist academia. Its central thesis makes race the prism through which all aspects of life must be … Read more