Is America at War With God?

Since the beginning of the Culture Wars in the wake of the Sexual Revolution, conservative Americans have come to believe that many fellow citizens are at war with God. From abortion to same-sex “marriage” to the proliferation of gender and transgender ideology—and the celebration and promotion of these by the government and public schools—it does … Read more

Why Satanism Is Now Center Stage in the Culture War


The religious right has often been looked down upon by many Americans involved in the political scene. For them, it shouldn’t exist. According to the secular liberal tradition, the public square is supposed to be value-neutral. Any religious intrusion into political matters is to be discouraged. The secular left is especially fearful of mixing politics … Read more

The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet

Return to Order The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet

There is a certain point when a normal house becomes haunted. It is hard to say exactly when the change occurs, but when it does, things become strange and eerie. From the outside, the house seems to lose its air of respectability, and people sense something foreboding inside. They hear creaking noises. They claim to … Read more

Are The Bathroom Wars ‘Idiotic Stuff?’

Return to Order Are The Bathroom Wars 'Idiotic Stuff?'

I received an email from an irate reader who claimed that the bathroom wars were all about “idiotic stuff.”  Abortion, marriage, and other such issues are all the “frivolous nonsense” by which political parties rile up their bases and control the narrative. The reader claimed that the real issues are economic and foreign policy.  He … Read more