Why Student Loan Forgiveness Is Not a Solution

The latest benefit scheme making the rounds in time for the elections is student loan forgiveness. Given the great debt burden on graduates, candidates are piling on the bandwagon to find a platform from which to show how benevolent they can be with taxpayers’ money. Student debt now stands at $1.46 trillion with an additional … Read more

MMT: The Latest Liberal Economic Fantasy

A good definition of a liberal might be someone who tries to ignore the actual nature of reality. Thus, many politically correct formulations distort reality even to the point of denying the differences between the sexes. Ignoring the nature of reality can get particularly dangerous when applied to economics. The nature of money calls for having sufficient … Read more

The Origins of America’s Debt Culture

Return to Order The Model of Life Proposed by Advertising

The mid-twentieth century was really the origin of America’s culture of debt. Prior to that time, debt was looked upon as enslaving and even shameful. It was only by the clever crafting of debt as an entitlement that Americans embraced credit wholeheartedly. Uphold Marriage and the Family; Uphold Society: Sign the Return to Order Petition … Read more