This Is America’s New Face of Brutal Rage and Chaos

In the year 49 B.C., Julius Caesar moved his forces into Italy over a small insignificant stream called the Rubicon. In so doing, he violated the law that forbade generals to move troops out of their assigned provinces. Caesar realized the seriousness of his decision by declaring “The die is cast!” The result was a … Read more

The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

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Any understanding of the obesity crisis in America must look at society as a whole. It does no good to simplify the matter as a problem of overeating. Beneath the surface of the obesity epidemic, there is a societal crisis of great significance. With population weight gain, there is a concomitant increase in sexually transmitted … Read more

Why Do People Do Such Barbarous Things?

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Hardly a day passes when some barbarous act does not jump to the headlines. Barbarous—there is no other word to describe these vile deeds. Thus, whether it be the sadistic torturing, terrorist beheadings, mass shootings or truck ramming murder sprees (not to mention genocide and war), these acts are becoming ever more common. There is something … Read more