Is D.E.I. Going to D-I-E?

Is D.E.I. Going to D-I-E?

Since the Floyd Riots of 2020, the left has promoted Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs as must-have credentials for woke corporations eager to show concern for “marginalized” minorities. DEI is marketed as a way to address racial discrimination in the corporate world with affirmative action hiring practices. The programs also include LGBTQ+ identifiers, feminists … Read more

Are Liberal Private Schools Drowning in Woke Ideology?

Many American parents hope to avoid the problems of public schools by enrolling their children in exclusive private schools. However, not all issues can be avoided. Even private day schools can find themselves embroiled in discussions over “Critical Race Theory.” Sometimes it is not rebellious students but faculty that bends the curriculum leftward. The Dalton … Read more

This is How Higher Education Went Mad

“If you were to examine any speech made by a university president fifty years ago, you would find that the word ‘excellence’ occurs with great frequency…. If you made the same examination now, you’d find that ‘diversity’ has taken its place.” This quote summarizes the main idea behind the book, The Breakdown of Higher Education: … Read more