Why the State of the Union Address Causes Division

Why the State of the Union Address Causes Division

For some time now, the President’s State of the Union address has become a succession of half-applauses and half-standing ovations reflecting party lines and cultural differences. The annual speech to Congress highlights division, not union. The only thing that unites the members of the august assembly is their resolve to be divided. When President Biden … Read more

Six Reasons Why Catholics Must Oppose Critical Race Theory

A political theory stands behind the racial unrest shaking the nation. It employs expressions like “systemic racism” to describe the nation’s attitude toward racial relationships. The theory is called Critical Race Theory (CRT). It has long incubated in leftist academia. Its central thesis makes race the prism through which all aspects of life must be … Read more

How These Elections Put Us In Apocalyptic Times


Our elections are taking on sinister overtones. Each one is billed as the most important of our lifetime. And each one is the most important—until the next election. The unraveling political processes bring our Armageddon each time closer. Thus, we live in times of apocalypse elections, in which the victory of one side represents an … Read more