Why National Divorce Is a Horrible Idea that Will Destroy America

Why National Divorce Is a Horrible Idea that Will Destroy America

Some traditional-minded Americans use a horrible metaphor to describe an outcome they desire for the nation. The metaphor is divorce, and the outcome is a separation of a State from the American Union. Proposing a national divorce is like demanding a figurative abortion for some unwanted social problem. Divorce and abortion are never solutions, literally … Read more

Three Reasons Why a “National Divorce” Will Shatter America

Three Reasons Why a “National Divorce” Will Shatter America

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for a “national divorce” between red and blue states in thrice-repeated statements. Her appeal for an “amicable separation” has provoked much discussion about the sorry state of the national union. It sounds very simple. There truly are irreconcilable differences between liberals and conservatives on issues like procured abortion, gun … Read more

How We Got the $99 Divorce

How We Got the $99 Divorce

For a long time, divorce has become routine. Over the years, breaking marital vows—an oath before God if the persons are Christian—has become so simple and cheap that people say, “You can get a divorce for the price of a Big Mac.” This came to mind as I passed this handmade sign on the side … Read more

Co-parenting – The Ultimate Threat to the Traditional Family

“What’s a “normal” family in 2020? There’s only one answer: Whatever you want it to be.” That is the assessment of Claire Gillespie, writing in The Week. A Generation Battered by Divorce By modern standards, Mrs. Gillespie is not outwardly radical. Her bio states that she “lives in Scotland with her husband and six kids.” … Read more

How the Family Crisis Makes the COVID Pandemic Worse

Had the family kept its natural and traditional structure, the COVID-19 crisis’s impact would have been entirely different. The pandemic would have caused less harm in absolute terms. Infection and mortality rates would also have decreased. This is the conclusion of a new scientific study titled “Coronavirus and Demographics in Spain.” The work was published … Read more

Shrinking Populations Represent Shrinking Future

Many millennials and gen-z-ers never had the experience of “going out to play” in generally safe neighborhoods without constant parental supervision. High divorce rates and the rising influence of the Internet deprived them of this particularly formative part of their childhoods. Their schools reinforced the idea of constant supervision by an education philosophy that is … Read more

Growing Up Helpless in a World Without Hope: Teenagers, Divorce and Suicide

On January 22, 2017, fourteen-year-old Naika Venant committed suicide in her Miami, Florida foster-home while broadcasting her death on Facebook. Her suicide might be ascribed to her troubled past. However, not all teens who commit suicide are escaping horrible lives. Consider sixteen-year-old J. C. Ruf, who lived in the Cincinnati area. He pitched in a … Read more

The Tragic Child Victims Of Their Parents Selfishness

“The demon of divorce loves to haunt the hearts of its children.” This troubling statement appears in the book, Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, edited by Leila Miller. Divorce has severely weakened society. However, few have visited the hearts of children haunted by the demon of divorce. These people are given a … Read more

The Only Divorce-Free City in the World

The family is one of the institutions most affected by the crisis in our decadent times. Religious and moral sentiments have practically disappeared as if torn to bits. The divorces rate is overwhelming — an estimated 50% of marriages fall apart. Added to this, there are illicit unions, which are common and seemingly without consequences. … Read more