“No Greater Love”

On September 29, 2006, Ramadi, Iraq was considered the most dangerous city on planet earth for American servicemen. Michael Monsoor was there in the midst of it all. He was a member of the elite branch of the Navy called SEALS, which stands for SEa, Air and Land. On that day, he was on a … Read more

King Saint Ferdinand III and His Conquests for Christ

It is a battle to remain faithful and strong. Saint Ferdinand III was a king, husband, father and warrior whose battle for his soul was just as vigorous as his renowned crusades against the Moors. His cousin, Saint Louis IX, King of France, is generally familiar to Christians and Catholics in the West, but King … Read more

When Political Correctness Endangers the Community

The Kansas City Star recently reported on a minor incident at the Country Club Plaza, a popular upscale shopping area. Someone fired a shot in a public square full of citizens. Police immediately responded and tweeted a warning to people in the area. Based on witness reports, they described the suspect with the only information … Read more

A Case of Double Trouble that Molded a Better Marine

A Case of Double Trouble that Sculpted a Better Marine

History is full of tales of heroes whose lives are marked by the great hardships they have endured. However, rarely does a man face the same great hardship twice. Author Leo Aime LaBrie tells one such tale in his book, A Double Dose of Hard Luck: The Extraordinary True Story of Two-Time Prisoner of War, … Read more

Hurricane Harvey Efforts Reveal an America to Be Proud Of

Return to Order Hurricane Harvey Efforts Reveal an America to Be Proud Of 5

It sometimes takes a disaster to bring out the good in people. The massive Hurricane Harvey that hit the Texas coast on August 26 was one such case. The outpouring of help for and rescue of the storm’s victims revealed one of the best aspects of the American soul. ABC News reports on this with … Read more