Exquisite Ukrainian Easter Eggs Lift Hearts and Minds to God

Exquisite Ukrainian Easter Eggs Lift Hearts and Minds to God

Although eggs are ordinary and simple, a Ukrainian art form transforms them from a mundane breakfast item to a sublime masterpiece worthy of kings. This talent of etching or painting an egg is called pysanky. The art is full of symbolism related to Easter and many Catholic principles. Before the Ukrainians converted to Christianity, they … Read more

Why the Church Honors the Blessed Virgin on Saturday


Traditionally the Sabbath, Saturday took on a different meaning after the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord. The first Holy Saturday was a time serious trials of Faith for the first disciples. The Blessed Virgin alone remained steadfast on this day, and for this the Church gives special honor, as Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira … Read more

The True Meaning of Easter

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The Resurrection represents the eternal and definitive triumph of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the complete defeat of his adversaries, and the supreme argument of our faith. Saint Paul said that, if Christ had not resurrected, our faith would be vain. The whole edifice of our beliefs is founded on the supernatural fact of the Resurrection. … Read more