Three Ways to Avoid the Death of the Dollar—and America

Little remains of the vast edifice of family, community and faith relationships that once unified and anchored the American way of life. These things have not disappeared from the horizon. They are still important, but they have deteriorated. There is no more consensus about what they mean, and they no longer serve as anchors of … Read more

Good Times Return, but Not Babies

Return to Order Good Times Return, but Not Babies

There is an unwritten rule among those who watch the economy. When times are good, families have more babies. Across the board, the fertility rate of women of all ages goes up and the population is replenished. Young populations and prosperity are co-related and desired in healthy economies. However, that is not happening today. The … Read more

Is the World Economy Trapped in a “Death Spiral”?

Return to Order Is the World Economy Trapped in a “Death Spiral”?

Everybody is looking for ways to describe the dire state of the world economy. Some have used Crisis with a capital C, a sinking Titanic or a perfect storm. These are all dramatic expressions to describe a very serious situation. However, the latest metaphor being used is even more dramatic. Leading economists are talking about … Read more