Drafting Women into Combat Spells the Death of Chivalry

Drafting Women into Combat Spells the Death of Chivalry

The American military has always had recourse to the draft in times of emergency. Through this means, combat soldiers can be quickly recruited from the most effective human resource pool—strong young men. The draft is not about finding careers for young people or helping them develop their full potential. War ruthlessly depletes the supply of … Read more

Why Are Catholic Theologians Trying to Free an Elephant?

Normally Catholic theologians would be studying theology, but one group thinks that freeing an elephant from the zoo is a moral imperative.1 Free the Elephant! A group of five Catholic theologians made common cause with the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) over the “solitary confinement” of a 50-year-old Asian elephant named Happy who resides at the … Read more

“Grade Inflation” and the Worst Prepared Students Ever!

For decades, schools have been dealing with a problem called “grade inflation.” With the educational chaos caused by COVID, a problematic situation is becoming catastrophic. Built into the Existing System Grade inflation is an easy concept to understand. It is the process over time by which students have gotten higher and higher grades for doing … Read more

Are the Vatican and Business Leaders Working to Improve or Destroy Capitalism?

Socialism has failed worldwide because it uses the government’s brutal power to force people into its anti-natural program against private property. It also suppresses the social, economic and religious forces that are the natural defenses against its destruction. However, the ideological virus has the uncanny ability to mutate. When one plan shipwrecks, its ideologues merely … Read more

The “Economy of Francis” Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement

Those who have lived under communism experienced not only its dictatorial nature but also the drabness of its daily life. A communist regime is marked by poor lighting, non-existent maintenance, dilapidated buildings, meager food, empty shelves, dull clothing, little choice of entertainment, absence of superfluous goods and other somber elements. This drabness is an obvious … Read more

Homeschooling May Be the Only Escape from the Democrat’s School Revolution

Every Democrat who has run for president since 1960 has promised to fix America’s public schools. That promise remains unfulfilled. American schools have not improved, and many argue that they have grown progressively worse over the last half-century. No part of life in America is as socialist as public education. Therefore, education is a happy … Read more

Harvard Professor Accuses Homeschooling Parents of Child Abuse

Harvard University is a curious place. It represents the best and the worst of American tradition. Its red-brick buildings and well-manicured lawns are the symbols of the highest American intellectual traditions. At the same time, Harvard has made a kind of cottage industry of condescension. The May-June 2020 issue of their magazine of the same … Read more

Authority Is From God, but Also for Him

With the myriad political philosophies that circulate today, a thoughtful analyst can become confused, and legitimately so.  Thus, any contribution to the debate that elucidates the basic principles of Catholic social teaching is an invaluable beacon of light amid the darkness. It could be argued that the most basic question regarding society and politics revolves … Read more