Protesters Mobilize Against Box Office Failure Benedetta

Protesters Mobilize Against Box Office Failure Benedetta

The film Benedetta was released nationwide on December 3 during the holy season of Advent. Traditionally, the faithful prepare for the Holy Day of Christmas during Advent. However, one way of preparation has been a corresponding wave of protests to meet this blasphemous film. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property … Read more

Leftists Wail as States Reject Defective 1619 Project

Critics have denounced the evils of  The 1619 Project as a misdirected and biased application of “Critical Race Theory. Now, some states are rejecting attempts to imposed 1619’s adoption in their schools. Parents and legislators are resisting the 1619 Project because it rewrites America’s history in an un-historic and biased way. They claim the project’s … Read more

Why Feminists Feel Threatened by the Family

According to Merriam-Webster, the first use of the word feminism happened in 1893. It didn’t come into everyday use until about 1970, shortly before the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision. Its definition is relatively simple – “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” The word “equal” is easy to use, … Read more

The Good Surprises of God and the Coronavirus Crisis


As the coronavirus situation stands, things don’t look good. The virus is killing thousands of Americans (as viruses do). The economy is in free fall, hemorrhaging trillions of dollars and millions of lost jobs. The nation is saddled with debt coming from a $2.3 trillion fiscal relief package. The Fed injects an additional $2.3 trillion … Read more

How Teachers Should Help Teenagers Become Adults

Recently, I went to a local funeral home for a viewing. The deceased was a former student. He was driving while intoxicated, and the resulting high-speed collision was horrible. His passenger died as well. I will refer to the young man as John, even though that is not his real name. John was in his … Read more

Why Catholic Millennials Need These Four Urgent Life Skills

Many complain that young people are not getting the basic life skills so needed to survive in the world. Parents and schools no longer teach skills like cooking, laundry, budgeting, or car repair as in times past. At the same time, our culture encourages young people to extend their adolescence well into their twenties. They postpone … Read more

The Great Liberal Experiment Is Dying

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Conservatives are frustrated by the present state of affairs. The politicians we have brought to power time and time again cannot get things done. Gridlock reigns in the halls of Congress, and it is not going away anytime soon. There is plenty of blame to spread around. Blame the political establishment that must be cleaned … Read more