Why Student Loan Forgiveness Is Not a Solution

The latest benefit scheme making the rounds in time for the elections is student loan forgiveness. Given the great debt burden on graduates, candidates are piling on the bandwagon to find a platform from which to show how benevolent they can be with taxpayers’ money. Student debt now stands at $1.46 trillion with an additional … Read more

Investment Strategies for 2019 and the Next Crash

I was recently asked for advice about investment strategies for the coming times. It is a reasonable request since we as Christians need to plan for the future responsibly. It makes sense to look at all the options whether they be stocks, bonds, commodities or other assets. If there is going to be another big … Read more

Why Faith and Finance are Compatible

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When it comes to the world of finance, Christians often hear that certain words should never be mentioned together in polite company: God and profit; Christian and capital; faith and finance. Indeed, Christians enter into a kind of paranoia when asked to adopt positions that seem to question the abyss between God and mammon. Samuel … Read more