When a Good Quarterback Gets Sacked by Political Correctness

Some think that fortitude is a mere expression of physical prowess and raw strength. Thus, for example, a quarterback like Drew Brees shows a lot of courage by being out there on the field. He is the focus of the entire defensive line whose purpose is to bring him down. These very strong and muscular … Read more

NFL Boycott Will Continue Until Anthem is ‘Properly Honored Again’

News Release: NFL Boycott Will Continue Until Anthem Is ‘Properly Honored Again’ Hanover, Penn., Sept. 27, 2017:  Fans in the bleachers are irked by the politicization of football. In fact, Americans are pledging to boycott the National Football League (NFL) in large numbers, as long as its athletes continue to disrespect our nation’s symbols and Anthem. “Respect … Read more

Soldiers Don’t Fight So Protesters Can Burn Flags

Return to Order Toward Virtuous Leadership: Fixing the Military’s Moral Compass 10

Protesters are burning and trampling upon the American flag again. When veterans counter-protest against this behavior, some people suggest that they should not protest saying soldiers die so that others might have the freedom to burn the flag in the public square. This “soldiers-die-so-protesters-can-burn-flags” slogan has become a mantra repeated everywhere. Many people find a … Read more