The “Economy of Francis” Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement

Those who have lived under communism experienced not only its dictatorial nature but also the drabness of its daily life. A communist regime is marked by poor lighting, non-existent maintenance, dilapidated buildings, meager food, empty shelves, dull clothing, little choice of entertainment, absence of superfluous goods and other somber elements. This drabness is an obvious … Read more

Pope Francis’s Nightmare of a World Without Borders

Pope Francis’s third encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, predictably deals with the plight of the migrant. This theme has characterized his pontificate, as he never loses an opportunity to take it up. Not all share his enthusiasm; most are apprehensive about what it means for the future. Mass migration is a sensitive subject for many Catholics in … Read more

I’m Catholic. Can I Disagree With Pope Francis on Property?

Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti presents a dilemma for all who defend the right of private property. On the one hand, the teaching document Pope Francis signed on October 3 questions this right. On the other, past popes, theologians, and canonists have always taught that private ownership, as it is largely practiced, is just and … Read more