Can History Cast Doubt on the Evidence of Global Warming?

A recent article in Commentary informs its readers that, “there has been no increase in average temperatures in the continental United States over the last 14 years…. If anything, overall temperatures are slightly cooler than they were.” These are not the ravings of a “climate change denier.” This information comes from an agency of the … Read more

Liberate Us From the Libra: Facebook’s Assault on the Dollar

As Facebook faces growing criticism for bias and privacy issues, it is moving ahead with a massive new project. The giant tech firm is putting together a consortium to launch a cryptocurrency. Everything about the project should trigger red flags. The possibility of abuse is everywhere. However, Facebook is treating it like one more app … Read more

Global Debt Soars to $169 Trillion: Will We Ever Learn?

Ten years have passed since the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. It was the worst financial panic since the Great Depression. Now it seems that some of the lessons learned back then are being forgotten. Growing debt burdens in emerging markets are igniting new fears of a crisis that could shake economies everywhere. This time the … Read more