When the Baby Marvelously Repays the Mother for Her Sacrifice

When the Baby Marvelously Repays the Mother for Her Sacrifice

The mother-child relationship is intimate and emotional. The mother gives everything to the baby that develops in her womb in an act of love. Such touching solicitude and sacrifice explain the universal appreciation of motherhood. It might also explain the antipathy of the left, which hates all links of dependency and sees pregnancy as a … Read more

How the CDC Went from an Information Provider to Activist Enablers

How the CDC Went from an Information Provider to Activist Enablers

Before the COVID crisis took center stage, public health was one of many aspects of life that usually occupied the background. The public health bureaucracy’s primary task was to collect information that politicians would use—or ignore. However, a recent article from the Daily Caller focuses on how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) politicizes its … Read more

Hold Public Health Technocrats Accountable for Their COVID Blunders

Hold Public Health Technocrats Accountable for Their COVID Blunders

The people at Merriam-Webster define technocracy as “management of society by technical experts.” Technocracy is a word describing a mechanical rule over people. It applies the techniques of technology to the running of society which is of a different nature. Thus, such experts are, by definition, more comfortable with ideas, machines or processes than with … Read more

Counsels for the Graduation Class of 2021 in an Upside Down World

The class of 2021 emerges from an upside-down year. Rarely have graduates faced such a chaotic combination of events that shattered the normality of life as we once knew it. The never-ending COVID crisis and its disastrous lockdown policies destroyed normal social life. We experienced a summer of rioting and discontent that could again reignite. … Read more

Five Powerful Reasons To Appreciate God This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, the COVID crisis threatens and discourages all the material trappings that usually characterize the secularized holiday: big family get-togethers, sporting events and “Black Friday” shopping binges. We are left with a more subdued atmosphere that is conducive to thinking about higher things. There is much to consider.  It seems that so much that … Read more

What’s Behind the Great Masking Divide?

The great mask controversy exploded on the scene as the COVID crisis developed. Contrary to what might be expected, the demand for masking soon became a major issue. A simple matter of medical precaution turned into an ideological fight running along the same fault lines now polarizing the nation. Almost immediately (with reasonable medical exceptions), … Read more

No One Can Oblige Us to Commit Suicide


The USNS Comfort was rushed to New York City Harbor to help care for the tens of thousands of coronavirus patients that were expected to fill the city’s hospital beds. The floating military hospital added a full 1,000 beds to the system’s capacity. The ship is now leaving, having been barely used. In New York … Read more

If I Die, I’m Going to Hell

As the coronavirus spreads across the nation, officials are taking measures to ensure the health of the body. Sadly, the health of souls is brutally neglected. A recent message on Twitter brings home just how shocking the situation has become. One woman wrote: Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic … Read more

Can Pleasure and Pornography Improve Public Health?

“Public health” brings to mind preventing the flu or better dental hygiene. It often incorporates current events like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan or the ongoing controversy over “vaping.” That is not what you will find in the February issue of the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH). The articles in this issue provide … Read more