Five Hopeful Signs that Can Encourage us in 2022

Five Hopeful Signs that Can Encourage us in 2022

In times of crisis like ours, there is the constant temptation for discouragement. The challenges we face are indeed great. All around us, there are signs of decadence and decay. Instead of great hope, many will greet the year 2022 with gloom and anxiety. The proper balance is neither underestimating our dire situation nor engaging … Read more

The Life of Baldwin the Leper King


Modern society obsessively avoids suffering, risk and danger. It secures everything with seatbelts and safety rails, air conditions the summer heat, prints warnings on coffee cups and advises that that safety glasses should be used while working with hammers. Certainly such precautions have prevented misfortune. However, since heroism and excellence are born from confronting rather … Read more

How Saint Michael Saved This U.S. Marine


This is the true story of a Marine wounded in Korea in 1950. Writing to his mother, he told her of a fascinating encounter he experienced in the war. Father Walter Muldy, a U.S. Navy chaplain who spoke to the young Marine and his mother as well as to the outfit commander, always affirmed the … Read more

Dodging Bullets While Saving Souls

“There are no atheists in a foxhole.” This catchphrase has been attributed to many authors, which is often the case for pithy phrases that tell great truths. Those who are on the brink of a violent death, see friends die next to them, or witness grave injuries need spiritual help as much as the material … Read more

For the Love of Honor

The moving story of the last months of Col. Wesley Fox and his doctor who went “above and beyond the call of duty.” Honor is a very beautiful word that is used a lot but seldom really defined. Catholic thinker Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira once defined honor as a virtue whereby one seeks those things that … Read more

Hurricane Harvey Efforts Reveal an America to Be Proud Of

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It sometimes takes a disaster to bring out the good in people. The massive Hurricane Harvey that hit the Texas coast on August 26 was one such case. The outpouring of help for and rescue of the storm’s victims revealed one of the best aspects of the American soul. ABC News reports on this with … Read more

Military Orders

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Including under this term every kind of brotherhood of knights, secular as well as religious, historians of the military orders have enumerated as many as a hundred, even after eliminating the apocryphal and stillborn. This great number is explained by the eagerness with which the Middle Ages welcomed an institution so thoroughly corresponding to the … Read more