“No Greater Love”

On September 29, 2006, Ramadi, Iraq was considered the most dangerous city on planet earth for American servicemen. Michael Monsoor was there in the midst of it all. He was a member of the elite branch of the Navy called SEALS, which stands for SEa, Air and Land. On that day, he was on a … Read more

King Saint Ferdinand III and His Conquests for Christ

It is a battle to remain faithful and strong. Saint Ferdinand III was a king, husband, father and warrior whose battle for his soul was just as vigorous as his renowned crusades against the Moors. His cousin, Saint Louis IX, King of France, is generally familiar to Christians and Catholics in the West, but King … Read more

Colonel John Ripley: An American Elite for Our Times

In the wake of the Covid-19 lockdowns and violent riots that paralyzed the nation, the incompetence and bad faith of the country’s leaders and especially of the American establishment stands out. What is needed in times like these are good elites, who know how to represent the best of America. The book, An American Knight: … Read more

Texas Host City Program: A Remarkable Tribute to Medal of Honor Recipients

Honor is a virtue that falls under the category of justice, which demands that we give to each what is his due. Thus, we get the expression “to honor someone.” This is what the citizens of Gainesville, Texas—named after War of 1812 Gen. Edmund Gaines—have been doing every year since 2000 with the Medal of … Read more

Embracing Christ and the Cross


An authentic piety penetrates every recess of our souls, naturally stirring our most intimate emotions. Piety, however, is far more than feelings. It arises deep within ourselves from our knowledge of the truths that govern an interior life formed in accord with the Faith. To be sure, these life-giving truths are often acquired through diligent … Read more

How to Live a Life of Honor

The noted Catholic thinker, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira once observed that the decay of the Middle Ages occurred in the fourteenth century with a “transformation in mentality.” He explained that “Chivalry, formerly one of the highest expressions of Christian austerity became amorous and sentimental.” This decadence paved the way for the errors of the … Read more