Must Humans Toil in Warehouses of Misery?

All too often, people conform their lives to the machines they use. This adaption increased as the  Industrial Revolution helped integrate machines into daily life. This development took a further step forward when the idea of robots first appeared in the early twentieth century. There were two visions of these new assistants. One was the … Read more

Who Hasn’t Experienced the Frustrations of Technology?

As we pulled away from the terminal getting ready for takeoff, the plane stopped fifty feet away. There we waited inexplicably for about a half hour before the pilot came on the speaker. He reported that the ground crew had pulled us away from the terminal but forgotten to free the steering mechanism of the … Read more

What Happens When Money Becomes the Primary Concern

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When money becomes the primary concern, it creates a dynamism of its own by empowering banks and other financial institutions to expand the money supply.1 This rule encourages many financial institutions to develop complex new financial products, credit innovations, and speculative instruments that enable them to profit from a tense climate of boom or bust. … Read more

Where Have All the Apples Gone?

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One of the benefits of modern mass markets is supposed to be the proliferation of choices. The modern consumer can choose from so many things available on a variety of platforms, be it off or online. This ability to select from plenty is considered one of the marvels of modern economy. However, there is another … Read more