Rockefellers Push for the Suicide of Big Oil

Many correctly see the “Green New Deal” as a great government threat to the nation. The proposed legislation would introduce drastic restrictions on industry and change the American way of life. The culprit of this self-destructive campaign is a government that imposes itself on the population through lawsrules and regulations costing trillions of dollars. Government … Read more

Must Humans Toil in Warehouses of Misery?

All too often, people conform their lives to the machines they use. This adaption increased as the  Industrial Revolution helped integrate machines into daily life. This development took a further step forward when the idea of robots first appeared in the early twentieth century. There were two visions of these new assistants. One was the … Read more

Why Society Needs to Cultivate a True Elite Class

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There was a time when the nation was ruled by a group of people that set the course for the country. Their children usually followed in their footsteps. This group of people tended to consolidate their wealth and pass it along to future generations. They formed what has been called a social elite—one that possessed … Read more

Work without Men

Return to Order Work without Men

Now that the elections are over, there is much talk of trade and jobs. Predictably, the highest priorities are being given to negotiating new trade arrangements and tax policies that will bring back jobs to America. It is true that businesses in America are overtaxed and overregulated. Anything that can be done to alleviate these … Read more