How the Coronavirus Shutdown Favors Green “De-Development”

As the debate rages over stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, most conservative opposition has focused on the damage to the economy, excessive government surveillance, or the massive increase in government debt. These are very valid and important concerns. But the coronavirus’s most enduring damage will not be a lower GDP, higher debt, or even … Read more

The Most Popular College Degree: Majoring in Regret and Remorse

Never in history has it been easier to get a college degree than it is now in the United States. There are more colleges, more programs, and more ways to pay for them than ever before.  Many programs enable students to get a degree online without ever visiting a university campus. Some colleges even allow … Read more

The Weird New Trend of the Faceless Job Interview

Few experiences are more stressful than looking for a job. Job-seekers are in the process of convincing others it is worthwhile to employ them, a kind of selling their skills, which is naturally a bit degrading. Accepting probable rejection, they are nonetheless offering much of their lives and selves. In this context, every rejection is … Read more

Let’s Offer Young People “Callings” Not Weird Titles

Children are often asked what they want to do when they grow up. The questioning does not end with childhood or even adolescence. Many young adults are still searching for the answer even after college. The answer is important since today’s materialistic society places a lot of emphasis on what people do. As a result, … Read more

America’s Got Jobs but Not Happiness

There is good news in America today. Unemployment is down as the economy is booming. Jobs are available to all. Happy times should be here again. An economy-centered vision of society holds that plentiful jobs automatically lead to happiness. Give everyone a good job, they claim, and it will increase the person’s self-respect. Everything else … Read more

The Big Pile of Work That Must Get Done

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In face of a recession that never recedes, the assumption of a broad and growing prosperity for the middle class is in doubt. Gone are the heady days of the post-Cold War triumphalism of the nineties when optimistic observers believed that we might live forever in a kind of glorious consumerism. Instead, there is a … Read more

The Invisible Army That Occupies America

Return to Order An American 'Brexit' to Nowhere: Three Questions Need Answers First 4

Over the past few decades, America has been invaded by an invisible army of ten million men. The impact of this army is fast becoming a crisis in urgent need of solutions. You might assume that this army is made up of illegal immigrants who are taking away jobs and overwhelming social services. But in fact, … Read more

Work without Men

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Now that the elections are over, there is much talk of trade and jobs. Predictably, the highest priorities are being given to negotiating new trade arrangements and tax policies that will bring back jobs to America. It is true that businesses in America are overtaxed and overregulated. Anything that can be done to alleviate these … Read more