Amid Coronavirus Trials, Think of Heavenly Things

In times of great suffering like ours, it does us good to think about heavenly things. Such considerations are constant reminders that our greatest concerns should be our union with God in this world and the next. Indeed, in times past, people commonly raised their hearts to Heaven, which made all their woes seem small. … Read more

Wow! California School Forced to Allow Christmas Joy

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Christmas concerts have been a staple of American schools nearly as long as there have been schools in America. At these happy events, children sang and played traditional Christmas Carols like Silent Night and Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem alongside more secular selections like Jingle Bells and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In more recent times, … Read more

Seeking the True Joy of Christmas

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The state of world events is so uncertain that it is impossible to know the conditions in which we will celebrate Christmas or what the New Year will bring. This is a Christmas in which Americans are filled with uncertainty, trials and insecurity. One could rightly ask: “Is it proper to have these concerns during … Read more