States Beginning to Push Back Against Porn Lobby

States Beginning to Push Back Against Porn Lobby

Amid the battle against abortion and the LGBTQ agenda, the issue of pornography—particularly that accessible to children—is perhaps less prominently discussed. However, the liberal movement has not forgotten this element of the all-pervasive attack on marriage and the family. Ensuring ready access to pornography remains a clear objective in the wide range of weapons designed … Read more

We Want God Not the Equality Act

The debate over the Equality Act is much more than a discussion on “discrimination” or “rights.” If enacted, it will mark the nation’s formal and symbolic break with the Will of God. Such a conclusion comes from an inadvertent remark during the Congressional debate over the nefarious bill. This religious aspect of the proposed legislation … Read more

Four Reasons Why 2019 Is the Most Insecure Year Ever

The new Congress, the shutdown and jittery markets have set the nation on the path of uncertainties. We are faced not with simple misfortunes or a predictable economic downturn. This crisis is somehow different since we face the unknown. It is the cause of great anxiety. It is a bit like running in the dark. … Read more