Suffering: The Appalling Benefactress, Part I

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To attempt to understand the reason for the existence of sorrow, of this appalling Benefactress, one must go back to man’s beginnings, to Eden, where Sorrow was born the moment Adam became conscious of sin. She was the first-born of man’s work, and, ever since, she has pursued him upon earth, and, beyond the tomb, … Read more

A Sobering Surprise on Fifth Avenue

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People began to enter the downtown New York City building at 7:30 in the morning, but by 11:30 a massive snake-like-line of people was so large, some got a bit frustrated and wondered if it was worth the wait, yet none left their spot. I overheard one very worldly and irritated looking businesswoman comment to … Read more

Lent Historically and Practically

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Lent is a 40-day preparation for Easter, a period reminiscent of the 40 years the Israelites wandered in the desert, and of the 40 days Our Lord Jesus Christ prayed and fasted in the wilderness. On both accounts, and in view of the Lord’s redemptive passion and death, Lent is a period marked by a … Read more

How Ashes Improve You Spiritually

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Catholics proclaim their Faith in the public square as they go about marked with a black cross on their forehead. This is how we begin Lent, starting with the beautiful traditions of Ash Wednesday . As praiseworthy as it is for Catholics to uphold the feast of Ash Wednesday by making a point of receiving … Read more

The True Meaning of Easter

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The Resurrection represents the eternal and definitive triumph of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the complete defeat of his adversaries, and the supreme argument of our faith. Saint Paul said that, if Christ had not resurrected, our faith would be vain. The whole edifice of our beliefs is founded on the supernatural fact of the Resurrection. … Read more

The Fatima Seers and Lent

The Fatima Seers

Lent, that time of the liturgical year when Holy Mother Church calls on Catholics to fast and abstain from meat in the spirit of penance and self-denial, also encourages the faithful to meditate on the dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In this penitential exercise, Our Lord Jesus Christ serves as our supreme model- … Read more