Manhood: A Catholic Look at a Much-Needed Commentary

Manhood: A Catholic Look at a Much-Needed Commentary

Plenty of men live their lives avoiding responsibility, work and effort. Many have no idea of the purpose of their lives and where they want to go. Others recoil before a culture that interprets any movement to male character development or leadership as hateful and oppressive. All these masculine figures are missing one vital ingredient: … Read more

The Feminist War on Fatherhood: Book Review of The New Politics of Sex

In his book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, the late Judge Robert Bork wrote that “radical feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come down to us from the sixties…This is a revolutionary, not reformist movement…Totalitarian in spirit, it is deeply antagonistic to traditional Western culture and proposes the complete restructuring of society, morality, and … Read more

This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Return to Order This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Nobody is really fooled by the latest policy shift of the Boy Scouts of America that will allow membership of girls. The announcement was packaged as a way to provide “more options for parents” who want a single site providing activities for all their children. However, everyone knows the move is just one more surrender … Read more

The Invisible Army That Occupies America

Return to Order An American 'Brexit' to Nowhere: Three Questions Need Answers First 4

Over the past few decades, America has been invaded by an invisible army of ten million men. The impact of this army is fast becoming a crisis in urgent need of solutions. You might assume that this army is made up of illegal immigrants who are taking away jobs and overwhelming social services. But in fact, … Read more

Interview: Is Chivalry the Answer?

Return to Order Life Is Battle

The evangelization of men has been a topic of concern for many Catholic parishes and dioceses. Men seemed to be participating less in the faith and this has an impact on the family and society. Matthew Christoff is someone who decided to do something about this problem by starting a project that targets men specifically. … Read more