Are Contaminants the Real Problem with Marijuana?

Are Contaminants the Real Problem with Marijuana?

People often believe that if something is legal, it is safe. This is an utterly fallacious assumption. Contaminated marijuana, laced with arsenic, lead or mold, is causing severe, potentially life-threatening illness nationwide as the legal use of cannabis products skyrockets. To ensure the common good, thorough study and analysis are crucial before enacting any law. … Read more

Marijuana Use: the Basis for a Godless Culture

Many discuss the dangers of marijuana but few address how it can destroy Western Christian culture. The Liberal Agenda To Legalize Marijuana However, this harm is plausible, given the left’s efforts to make the legalization of marijuana a vital part of its agenda. A decriminalization bill will soon be presented to the House of Representatives.1 … Read more

Why People Vape and Die and No One Cares

Vaping has exploded on the scene over the last few years. The e-cigarette craze is supposed to replace the stigma of the old tobacco product. Trendy people vape with an array of gadgets. It is all the rage. However, last August, a government study reported that vaping was causing major lung and other illnesses. It … Read more

Lizzie Post’s Shocking Attempt to Mainstream and Gentrify Marijuana

The battle to make marijuana use a part of daily life continues. The latest manifestation comes from an unexpected quarter – the world of etiquette. Etiquette books have been around for at least three hundred years. They helped establish rules and conventions that regulate social behavior and polite conduct. Any society needs to have means … Read more

Four Reasons Why I Never Tried Marijuana

As someone who has never tried marijuana, many would disqualify me from having an opinion. I cannot say how it affects the mind. I cannot calibrate the intensity of the experience nor compare it with smoking or alcohol. Thus, many would say that I am a killjoy who has no right to deprive others of an … Read more