Time to Return to Medieval Courtesy Books

Time to Return to Medieval Courtesy Books

To the “woke” crowd, teaching civility and manners favors artificial concepts that reinforce power structures and control behavior. This Marxist perspective reduces everything to the class struggle terms of oppressor and oppressed. For this reason, manners must be eradicated and never taught to vulnerable children. So many things today reflect this anti-manners mentality. This trend … Read more

How Suffering Can Make America Spiritually Great

I first saw him on Twitter and was touched by his messages. I still don’t know that much about him. In the fast world of social media, there is hardly time to read anything. However, I believe people like him represent the future of America. The first thing to report is that he is a … Read more

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

Flames have gutted the famous cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. All the world was drowned in sorrow on this fateful Spring day. As the images of the collapsing spire spread across the globe, it was hard to believe that this famous building celebrated for centuries for its liturgy, artistic works and splendor is a … Read more

Why California Can’t Be a Sanctuary State

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It is paradoxical that super-progressive California would have recourse to a concept of medieval law to support its revolt against federal immigration law enforcement. It is even more bizarre that the super-secular Golden State would consider itself a kind of Church with authority higher than that of the government and declare itself a holy and … Read more

Medieval Catholic Architecture Converts Protestant (Part 2)

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Architecture leads to heaven or hell In our most recent article about Augustus Pugin, we saw how the famous architect converted from a strict brand of Calvinism to Roman Catholicism, due to his studies of medieval Catholic architecture when he was 19 years old. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an … Read more

Why Medieval Antibiotics Offer Effective Medical Solutions

Return to Order Why Medieval Antibiotics Offer Effective Medical Solutions

It all began as one of those Friday afternoon projects that medical researchers sometimes do to satisfy curiosity. No one expected it to work. The researchers were testing medieval medical remedies by replicating a 1000-year-old recipe for an eye salve. They were prepared to see it prove that medieval medicine was backward and even superstitious. … Read more

How the Middle Ages Inspired This American to Build a Castle

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No discussion about the healthy state of the American imagination would be complete without talking about castles. Americans love castles and everything associated with them. In nearly every locale across the country, there are those who dream beyond the classic mansion or manor and build the medieval castle of their dreams. Such dream castles are … Read more