What Do You Do on a Cruise Ship When the Party’s Over?

If there is an image that corresponds to the coronavirus crisis of our society, it would be that of the Diamond Princess cruise ship infected in mid-cruise. Before tragedy struck, it had every modern comfort and entertainment. The bands were playing, the theaters were full, the restaurants crowded, and its boutiques well-stocked. The atmosphere was … Read more

A Bold Defense of Liturgical Tradition

A Review of Peter A. Kwasniewski’s Tradition and Sanity “A traditionalist is one who sees the Faith, in its inner structure, as something handed down to us, not something we invent, assess, and re-create by our own lights. It is an organic set of ideas, practices, and attitudes that give birth to a culture of … Read more

Why Are We Polarized and Fragmented?

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One would think that in this age of high-speed travel and communication, society would be more united than ever. However, the contrary is happening. The mechanical links may be faster and better but the social bonds needed to keep a society together are increasingly broken, leading to polarization and fragmentation. Modernity’s obsession for the individual … Read more