The Queen: A Canadian Subject Remembers…

The Queen: A Canadian Subject Remembers...

As a young Canadian from a rural town in Northern Ontario, half a world away from Queen Elizabeth II, I can say she profoundly influenced my life. The Queen represented a whole world of tradition and ceremony that was so crucial for me, growing up in a world that increasingly despises such things. She was … Read more

The Church Cannot Change Her Hierarchical Structure Instituted by Christ

The defense of egalitarianism in the socio-political order is a philosophical error. When attempts are made to apply this egalitarianism to the Church, it becomes a theological error. It is a theological error because Scripture clearly shows that Our Lord instituted a hierarchy to govern His Church. It is additionally erroneous because egalitarian efforts to … Read more

Don Pelayo starts the Reconquista with the battle of Covadonga

Return to Order Don Pelayo starts the Reconquista with the battle of Covadonga

By contrast with the catastrophic loss of Spain, the chroniclers tell us that through Divine Providence liberty was restored to the Christian people and the Asturian kingdom was brought into being. This reportedly occurred when the majority of the Goths of royal blood came to the Asturias and elected as king Pelayo (719-737), son of … Read more