Four Pro-Life Reasons Why I Became Interested in Crickets

Four Pro-Life Reasons Why I Became Interested in Crickets

I have never had any interest in crickets beyond listening to their chirping in the summer. The insects represent a part of reality that does not significantly impact my daily life. Among so many other concerns, crickets are not high on the list of priorities. However, I was intrigued by a lengthy New York Times … Read more

A Fearsome Tool for Those Fighting The 1619 Project

If future American historians look for a perfect symbol of the academic madness of the present times, they will point to The 1619 Project. It springs from an educational establishment that has abandoned truth and objectivity. Mainstream media and its culture have embraced the project’s art of propaganda. Some liberal state departments of education, local … Read more

The Racist and Dangerous 1619 Project is Vulnerable and in Trouble

For a time, The 1619 Project was on track to become a standard racial education curriculum throughout the United States. It has the backing of The New York Times, which initially published it. Its author/editor, Nicole Hannah-Jones, is feted by other leftist journalists and talk show hosts. She has received a Pulitzer Prize. Online resources … Read more

Why do World Socialists Reject The 1619 Project?

Conservatives have attacked The New York Times’s 1619 Project as a radical falsification of American history. The project claims that America’s real founding was in 1619 when the first slaves were brought to the colonies. Historians have contested the project’s facts, perspectives and ideology. Many have declared it to be “fake history.” However, it is … Read more

How the 1619 Project Promotes the Myth of an Evil America

The entire nation should be gravely concerned as the New York Times’s “1619 Project” worms its way into American schools, both public and private. In recognition of this risk, the National Association of Scholars recently hosted a videotaped panel discussion titled 1776 v. 1619: Two Visions for American History. Free Book: Return to Order: From … Read more

Refuting Leftist Myths About Saint Junipero Serra

Elizabeth Bruenig’s  New York Times op-ed “A Saint’s Sins” was a lengthy indictment of the character and actions of Saint Junipero Serra. It is tempting to refer to it as a masterpiece of character assassination, except that it is not masterful.  It recycles modernist and old anti-Catholic attacks that ignore the historical record and promote … Read more

Three Reasons Why Catholics Cannot Support the BLM Revolution

An editorial in The New York Times by Elizabeth Bruenig titled “Racism Makes a Liar of God” presents a sentimental yet stinging indictment of Catholics who reject the present anti-racist activism. She cannot understand why these generally conservative Catholics cannot bring themselves to pronounce the three explosive words: Black Lives Matter. The editorial calls upon … Read more

Marxism, Class Struggle and “Real” American History

It is a new day for Chicago school students. The Chicago Sun-Times relates the coming of this new dawn on June 5, 2020. “Chicago students started learning America’s real history. “Not the whitewashed history, the disjointed one that jumps from European settlers “finding” America, to a sanitized version of slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement … Read more