The Goal of the 1619 Project: To Produce Good Little Leftists

Public schools can represent the most socialist aspect of American life. The New York Times is trying to make sure that your child becomes a committed leftist. Recently, The Times released its “1619 Project.” The web page that the Times produced to support it shows a seascape and begins, “In August of 1619, a ship … Read more

Will We Ever Get the Schools We Pay For?

The world of American education is replete with catchphrases. Even those outside the education establishment have probably heard, “If you can read this, thank a teacher” or “Build schools now or build prisons later.” One catchphrase that got some traction at the end of the Cold War was: “It will be a great day in … Read more

Here Are the Crazy Things the New Hxrstory Teaches Your Children

Students who are searching for objective truth should shy away from any course with the word “Studies” in its title. Centered on opinion, persuasion, and propaganda, these courses seldom include rigorous evaluation of provable facts. According to the Hoover Institution, California’s educationists1 have been handed a defeat in their attempt to impose a wildly liberal … Read more

Here Are the Tragic Student Victims of Transgender Tyranny

In November 2017, N.T. got permission from her kindergarten teacher to use the restroom. While she was there, she was sexually assaulted by another five-year-old boy, known to be “sexually fluid.” N.T., whose real name was withheld, went back to class. She did not report the incident to the teacher but told her mother that … Read more

Why It’s Time to Get Out of the Public Education System

Conservatives in the United States have long considered public schools as little more than liberal indoctrination camps. As the country rapidly secularized in the aftermath of the sixties, schools echoed the gathering rebellion against order, propriety and common decency. Politics is downstream from culture, but so too, is education. It takes very little effort to … Read more

The Most Popular College Degree: Majoring in Regret and Remorse

Never in history has it been easier to get a college degree than it is now in the United States. There are more colleges, more programs, and more ways to pay for them than ever before.  Many programs enable students to get a degree online without ever visiting a university campus. Some colleges even allow … Read more

Can America’s Schools Be Saved? An Insider Weighs In

Return to Order Always Too Little, Too Late: The Plight of Modern Education 4

The American education system has long been in crisis. It seems every administration seeks to reform the system, but it usually ends up making matters worse. The book, Can America’s Schools Be Saved? How the Ideology of American Education Is Destroying It? helps explain what has gone wrong. Author Edwin Benson has seen it all. … Read more