Putin’s Ideology, In His Own Words

Putin’s Ideology, In His Own Words

Ever since Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia twenty-two years ago, Western observers have tried to discern his ideology. Is he a Russian nationalist bent on reconstituting the Russian Empire or a neo-Communist, angry over the collapse of the Soviet Union? Perhaps he’s simply a “patriot” without any actual ideology but who practices a … Read more

How Evolution Means the Death of the Soul

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Evolutionists rarely proclaim their incompatibility with Christianity so as not to alarm Christians. They will generally try to present it as a purely scientific theory that seeks to explain the origins of the universe. If religious people have a problem, it is their narrow vision to blame, not the theory itself. I have always viewed … Read more

Unenlightened Enlightenment Thought

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David Hume (1711-1776) exercised a great influence on the formation of the modern mind. However, his “enlightened” views that were part of the Enlightenment had dark consequences. He paved the way for the present moral relativism with his idea that man is more a creature of sensitive and practical sentiment than of reason. Read the … Read more