Here Are the Victims of the “Virtue” of Tolerance

The modern mania for tolerance is an insidious tool of the Great Deceiver. It goes by other names as well – acceptance, accompaniment, and being non-judgmental. The modern world and media praise behavior that displays these attributes. Many people believe that the only necessary virtue is tolerance. Proclaiming the truth is an aggressive act. Libertarians, … Read more

Homeless by Choice: The New Shift to Rejecting Ownership

Homeless used to be a term to describe those who had nowhere to build their lives. They were usually victims of misfortune, lacking roots, possessions and relationships. However, a new class of homeless is now emerging. These individuals do not want a place to build their lives. They do not want roots, possessions or deep … Read more

12 Rules for Life: A Book I Wanted to Like

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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a book I wanted to like. I wanted so much to favor someone who proposes rules in our times of unrestraint. I see so clearly the need for an antidote to chaos. The fact that his book is on the top of many bestseller … Read more