Why Can’t the Greens Accept Nuclear Power as Ecologically Correct?

Why Can’t the Greens Accept Nuclear Power as Ecologically Correct?

The Green movement has an atom-sized problem that is destroying its credibility. On the one hand, scientists and engineers are refining and advancing ecologically friendly ways of producing nuclear power. There is a rejuvenated interest in this nuclear power option. Rolls Royce is planning to build small reactors in England. Emmanuel Macron recently announced the … Read more

The Influence of Monasteries on the Middle Ages’ Economic Boom

Henry Goodell, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, described how the medieval monks saved agriculture from decaying. Their accomplishments have left a legacy lasting 1500 years. He explains how they did it in the most unlikely and difficult ways. They searched for distant and inaccessible places to live in solitude. They then drained swamps and … Read more

Tradition: Why It Matters

Return to Order Tradition: Why It Matters

Some people associate tradition with old habits that are carried down over the years. Tradition is fine for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it has no real role in the modern world, which is constantly changing. Expanding tradition beyond sentimental occasions is considered restrictive to progress. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an … Read more

Modern Thought: Constantly Reinventing the Wheel

Return to Order Modern Thought: Constantly Reinventing the Wheel

One of the tragedies of the modern world is the great fear of dependence upon others. People have the idea that the fact one depends upon others represents a sign of extreme weakness and lack of character. Society exists in part to address the shortcomings of every person. When a person seeks out the help … Read more