Five Powerful Reasons To Appreciate God This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, the COVID crisis threatens and discourages all the material trappings that usually characterize the secularized holiday: big family get-togethers, sporting events and “Black Friday” shopping binges. We are left with a more subdued atmosphere that is conducive to thinking about higher things. There is much to consider.  It seems that so much that … Read more

How St. Joseph Saved this Small Business Owner


As a volunteer for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), I have been privileged to hear testimonies of many miraculous interventions of grace in the lives of countless souls. One such miracle happened for the benefit of a close friend Mr. Jose Arturo Maestas who runs Santa Fe Coffee … Read more

Problems a Booming Economy Can’t Solve

Problems a Booming Economy Can’t Solve

A booming economy should help people make good financial decisions since more money can be directed to other needs. That is why savings rates normally go up as the economy improves. People naturally tend to take advantage of better days especially after bad or slow times. This is not happening now. Many Americans are spending … Read more

Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving has become a secular holiday. It is a time for family get-togethers, sports events and shopping trips. There is some, but not enough giving of thanks on Thanksgiving. Moreover, when gratitude is felt, it frequently remains just a feeling that is not directed toward a good and personal God. Then too, when people thank … Read more

Why Faith and Finance are Compatible

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When it comes to the world of finance, Christians often hear that certain words should never be mentioned together in polite company: God and profit; Christian and capital; faith and finance. Indeed, Christians enter into a kind of paranoia when asked to adopt positions that seem to question the abyss between God and mammon. Samuel … Read more